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Hello and Welcome to All Car Wiki,

This page is designed to give you a basic understanding of the way All Car Wiki is set out and our intended goals. We are aiming to compile a complete wiki database of all car makes, models and badges in all markets. Our primary goal is to have a comprehensive database of car specifications.


Pages yet to be incorporated into the main wiki

The below linked pages are yet to be incorporated into All Car Wiki. It would be much appreciated if the below pages could be linked to on their appropriate model specific page. For example, any Mazda RX-7 specifications should be linked on the Mazda RX-7 page. Group 1 Group 2 Group 3

As we are only in the very early stages of the wiki, please use the Mazda RX-7 page as a rough template for expansion. We are aiming to have templates set up in the following categories:

Manufacturer Template

Please use the following template for any additional manufacturers:


Model Template

Please use the following template for any additional models:


Chassis Generation/Specification Template

Please use the following template for any additional chassis generations:



Please use this code for all specification templates, leave blank if N/A, you may add up to 25 badges and 100 specifications although edits to the template will be required for new specification categories, please message me for changes:

|Generation=Example Gen
|Badges=Example badge 1!!Example badge 1!!Example badge 1
|Final Production=
|Country of Origin=
|Power='''Max Power'''
|Specific Output='''Specific Output'''{{!!}}
|Brake mean effective pressure='''Brake mean effective pressure'''{{!!}}
|Specific Torque='''Specific Torque'''{{!!}}
|Torque='''Max Torque'''
|Body style='''Body style'''{{!!}}
|Engine Manufacturer='''Engine Manufacturer'''{{!!}}
|Engine Capacity='''Engine Capacity'''
|Engine Location=
|Engine Alignment=
|Engine Construction='''Engine Construction'''{{!!}}
|Engine Lubrication='''Engine Lubrication'''{{!!}}
|Bore and Stroke=
|Compression Ratio=
|Main crankshaft bearings='''Main crankshaft bearings'''{{!!}}
|Bore/stroke ratio='''Bore/stroke ratio'''{{!!}}
|Fuel System='''Fuel System'''{{!!}}
|CO2 (grams/km)=
|Kerb Weight='''Kerb Weight'''
|Brakes Front=
|Brakes Rear=
|Suspension Front=
|Suspension Rear=
|Front Wheel Size=
|Rear Wheel Size=
Double wishbone front and rear
|Tyres Front=
|Tyres Rear=
|Power Windows=
|Power Mirrors=
|Power Steering=
|Central Locking=
|Cruise Control=
|Air Conditioning=
|Overall Length='''Overall Length'''
|Overall Width='''Overall Width'''
|Overall Height='''Overall Height'''
|Length to wheelbase='''Length to wheelbase'''
|Track Front='''Track Front'''
|Track Rear='''Track Rear'''
|Ground Clearance='''Ground Clearance'''
|Centre of gravity=
|Weight distribution (front)='''Weight distribution (front)'''
|Fuel Tank='''Fuel Tank'''
{{Convert|76|L|impgal usgal|0|abbr=on}}
|Fuel Used=
|Steering Wheel Turns (lock to lock)=
|Max Turning Circle=
|Max Speed='''Max Speed'''
|Acceleration 0-100km/h=
|0-400m/1/4 Mile=
|Drag Co-efficient=
|Frontal area='''Frontal area'''{{!!}}
|Drive Type=
|Transmission Ratios: 1st=
|Transmission Ratios: 2nd=
|Transmission Ratios: 3rd=
|Transmission Ratios: 4th=
|Transmission Ratios: 5th=
|Transmission Ratios: 6th=
|Transmission Ratios: 7th=
|Transmission Ratios: 8th=
|Transmission Reverse=
|Final Gear Ratio=
|Fuel Consumption City='''Fuel Consumption City'''
{{Convert|7.1|km/l|mpgimp mpgus|0|abbr=on}}
|Fuel Consumption Highway='''Fuel Consumption Highway'''
{{Convert|7.1|km/l|mpgimp mpgus|0|abbr=on}}
|Fuel Consumption Combined='''Fuel Consumption Combined'''
{{Convert|7.1|km/l|mpgimp mpgus|0|abbr=on}}
|C02 emissions='''C02 emissions'''{{!!}}
|Crackcase Oil Capacity='''Crankcase Oil Capacity'''
{{Convert|4.9|L|impgal usgal|0|abbr=on}}
|Coolant Capacity='''Coolant Capacity'''
{{Convert|4.9|L|impgal usgal|0|abbr=on}}
|Differential Capacity='''Differential Capacity'''
{{Convert|4.9|L|impgal usgal|0|abbr=on}}
|Gearbox Oil Capacity='''Gearbox Oil Capacity'''
{{Convert|4.9|L|impgal usgal|0|abbr=on}}
|Recommended Engine Oil=
|Recommended Gearbox Oil=
|Recommended Differential Oil=
|VIN Numbers=
|Production Numbers=


If content has been copied from wikipedia please use the following template to reference: {{Wikipedia|Pagename}}; where page name is the title of the wikipedia entry.

Meta Tags

Please use the following code to add meta tags: <metadesc>Example text</metadesc>

Flagged articles/edits

Please note the new special page: Special:Tags which will contain all flagged articles suspected of spamming and abuse.

Final notes

Also, please note that some templates such as the specifications template may be protected, if you wish to add additional items to the specification table, please contact me User_talk:Admin.

Thank you and I hope that together we can make a complete car specification wiki database.

Comments through DISQUS

Please note you may use the template {{DISQUS}} to add a discussion to your page.


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