Mazda Wankel engine 13B-REW

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The 13B-REW was first series production twin sequential turbo systems to be offered for sale. Often mis-represented as a 13B-RE due to this symbol being cast into its upper manifold. The 13B-REW from the JC Cosmo series was endowed with the largest side ports of any later model rotary engine.

Compared to the twin turbos fitted to the 13B-REW on the FD RX-7, these sequential turbos received a large (HT-15) primary with a smaller (HT-10) secondary turbo. Injector sizes = 550cc PRI + SEC.

Approximately 5000 13B-REW optioned JC Cosmos were sold making this engine almost as hard to source as its rarer 20B-REW big-brother.Template:Citation needed.


A twin-turbocharged version of the 13B, the 13B-REW, became famous for its high output and low weightTemplate:Citation needed. The twin Hitachi HT-12 turbos were operated sequentially, with the primary providing boost until 4,500 rpm, and the secondary coming online afterwards. Output eventually reached, and may have exceeded, Japan's unofficial maximum of 280 DIN hp (206 kW) for the final revision used in the series 8 Mazda RX-7.


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