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  1. Run the engine until the engine oil is at a normal operating temperature.
  2. Park the Beetle TDI on level ground and turn the ignition switch to the "OFF" position.
  3. Raise the hood with the hood release lever inside the passenger compartment.
  4. Remove the three nuts that secure the top engine cover and oil dip stick, using a 10mm nut driver.
  5. File:DSCF1281 32.png
    Removing Top Engine Cover
    Remove the vacuum hose attached to the bracket on back of engine cover and remove engine cover.
  6. Connect the main suction tube of the oil extractor into the engine dip stick tube.
  7. File:DSCF1129 912.png
    Changing Oil in Beetle
    Extract the oil from the crankcase by pumping the extractor pump lever several pumps to create a vacuum.
  8. Continue the pumping action until all of the old oil has been removed from the sump of the Beetle. When all of the oil has been removed, the suction tube will be clear and no bubbles in the tube.
  9. Remove the oil filter cover with a wrench that is designed for the VW ALH diesel engine. A strap wrench can also be used to remove the filter cover. Remove by turning counterclockwise.
  10. File:DSCF1125 961.png
    Removing Oil Filter Cover
    Using the fingers, remove the oil filter (it's full of oil) from the oil filter housing. Discard the removed filter.
  11. File:DSCF1132 133.png
    Removing O-rings from filter stem
    Remove the two (2) O-rings from the oil filter stem, using a hook pick of other suitable tool. Discard the removed O-rings.
  12. Install the new O-rings in the filter stem with the fingers only.
  13. File:DSCF1127 147.png
    Removing oil from filter housing with oil extractor
    Place the suction tube in the oil filter housing, using the oil extractor that was used previously.
  14. Pump the lever on the oil extractor several pumps to remove the old oil from all crevices in filter housing.
  15. Remove the oil extractor suction tube from the oil filter housing.
  16. File:DSCF1130 635.png
    Filling filter housing with new engine oil
    Fill the oil filter housing with one (1) gallon of 5W-40 synthetic motor oil, using a funnel.
  17. File:DSCF1131 704.png
    Placing new oil filter in filter housing
    Place a new oil filter on the filter stem. Place the filter in the filter housing.
  18. File:DSCF1133 302.png
    Using torque wrench to tighten filter cover to factory specification
    Screw on the oil filter cover and tighten until snug. A torque wrench was used to tighten the filter cover. The torque specification is 18-ftlb.
  19. Finish up by removing all tools from the work area.
  20. Start the Beetle and run the engine for two (2) minutes.
  21. Shut the engine off and check for oil leaks.
  22. Install the top engine cover that was removed and install vacuum hose in bracket that was previously removed. Install dip stick in dip stick tube.
  23. Close the engine hood.
  24. Test drive the Beetle TDI.
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