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Toyota Fortuner
Toyota Fortuner
Manufacturer Toyota
Also called Toyota SW4
Production 2005—present
Assembly Samut Prakan, Thailand
Chachoengsao, Thailand[1]
Karawang, Indonesia
Cairo, Egypt (Starting 2012)
Zárate, Buenos Aires (as Hilux SW4)
Bangalore, India
Cumaná, Venezuela
Predecessor Hilux Surf
Body style 4-door SUV
Layout Front engine, rear-wheel drive / four-wheel drive
Platform IMV / N platform
Engine 2.7 L and 4.0 L VVT-i gasoline
2.5 L and 3.0 L D4-D diesel
Wheelbase 2,750 mm (108.3 in)
Length 4,695 mm (184.8 in)
Width 1,840 mm (72.4 in)
Height 1,790 mm (70.5 in) (without roof rail)
Curb weight approx. 1,800 kg (3,968 lb)
Related Toyota Hilux Vigo
Toyota Innova
Toyota Hilux Surf/4Runner (international)

The Toyota Fortuner, also known as the Toyota SW4, is a medium-sized SUV based on the Toyota Hilux. Originally assembled only in Thailand, but later also in Indonesia and other countries, the Fortuner is built on the Toyota Hilux pickup truck platform. It features three rows of seats and is available in rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive among others. The Fortuner is part of Toyota's IMV project in Thailand, which also includes the Toyota Hilux and the Kijang Innova (in Indonesia). The vehicle was designed by Toyota Technical Centre Australia.[2]

A number of engine options are available depending on the country of sale, including a 2.7 L 2TR-FE and 4.0 L 1GR-FE V6 petrol with Variable Valve Timing and 2.5 L 2KD-FTV and 3.0 L 1KD-FTV common rail variable geometry turbocharger diesel models.

Trim levels are G and G Luxury for rear-wheel drive diesel and gasoline, and V for 4×4 Diesel and gasoline. The common rail turbo intercooled diesel has functional scoop on its hood.

In 2007 Toyota Thailand dropped the 4×4 gasoline model and replaced it with a two-wheel drive gasoline version.

This car was the best selling in its category (SUV/PPV) in the Philippines and currently Thailand.

The Fortuner is not offered in Japan, Europe, North America, Australasia, or China. For the medium pick-up based SUV segment in those markets, Toyota offers the Hilux Surf (Japan), 4Runner (North America) and Land Cruiser Prado (Europe, Australasia and China). However, in some Central American countries, Toyota offers the Fortuner alongside the 4Runner and Land Cruiser Prado.




In Argentina, it is sold as Toyota SW4.[3]


The Fortuner was unveiled in Columbia in 2005 and launched in 2007 as a replacement for the locally assembled Prado that had been under production for 9 years without any changes. The Prado continued its production until 2009. A new model was added in 2010, the Fortuner Urbana, with a gasoline 2.7 L engine in 4×4 and 4×2 models. In late 2011, as a 2012 model, Toyota started to sell the new facelifted version with a new front grill, new rear lights and a revised interior quality on the same versions and prices as the older version.

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The Fortuner is available in the following versions:

  • Fortuner Urbana 4x2, with a 2.7 L engine.
  • Fortuner Urbana 4x4 with a 2.7 L engine.
  • Fortuner Plus, with a 4.0 L engine.
  • Fortuner Plus Diesel, with a 3.0 L turbo engine.

All of them come standard with a 5-speed manual transmission or an optional 4-speed automatic transmission.

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The Fortuner was unveiled in South America -- Ecuador in 2005 and launched in 2007. Versions of the Fortuner have come from Venezuela and Thailand. There are various models released, originally only 4×4 and 4×2 options using a V6 4.0 L petrol engine were sold. Since 2010 a 2.7 L engine option has been released and the new face lift model has arrived.

The Toyota Fortuner was sold from 2007 until late 2009. Since 2010 the Ecuadorian government has exempted all hybrid cars from import taxes, which reduced the number of Fortuner cars sold because Toyota's Hybrid Highlander Limited has a similar price and more features.


Two trims are available for 2011 - 4×4 and 4×2 - both with the 4.0 L V6 engine. The assembly plant is located in Cumaná, Venezuela.

South Africa

The Fortuner was unveiled in South Africa in 2005 and launched in 2006. There are various models out and Toyota released a new model in 2009.


Toyota launched the Fortuner in Pakistan in 2009.


Toyota launched the Fortuner in India in 2009.[4][5] It is assembled at the Bidadi, Karnataka plant of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited from imported CKD kits.[6]

Toyota Fortuner production increased to more than 950 vehicles per month from the initial 500 units per month.

Initially there was only one variant sold in India of the Fortuner, which is the 3.0 L Common Rail Turbo Diesel engine, with leather upholstery and climatronic as standard. But at the 2012 Indian Auto Expo, Toyota launched 3.0 L 4x2 Manual and Automatic transmission.

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2006 Toyota Fortuner 2.7G Luxury (TGN61)

The Fortuner was introduced in 2005 at the Jakarta International Motor Show. It is positioned below the Land Cruiser and the RAV4.

Initially the Fortuner was sold in 2.7G and 2.7V trim levels. The rear wheel drive 2.7G was offered in the base with fabric interior and the Luxury with leather interior and premium sound system. The 4-wheel drive Fortuner 2.7V is only available as the luxury model. The V trim with the 3.0 diesel engine is not officially sold in Indonesia, due to the heavier tax regulations imposed on vehicles with 4×4 drivetrains and engines having volumes of 3.0 L or more. It was specially imported for the Sumatra and Kalimantan markets.

The 2.7G is fitted with a 4-speed automatic transmission and a two-wheel drive with a 2.7 L petrol engine. The rear-wheel-drive 2.7G and 4×4 2.7V comes only with automatic transmission. The 2.5G was later added to the market and adds four-wheel drive powered by a 2.5 L diesel engine giving 75 kW (102 PS; 101 hp). It is mated to a 5-speed manual. Its high body model has been criticized as unstable, and not aerodynamic when running at higher speeds.

In mid-2009, a new variant was added to the lineup, which is the 2.5G with a 4-speed automatic transmission. The 2.5G can be ordered with TRD Sportivo body kits, which is also available as dealer installed options for other models.

The current President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono privately owns a gray Fortuner in V guise, and was often seen during the campaigns for the 2009 presidential election.


File:Toyota Fortuner (first generation) (rear), Serdang.jpg
Toyota Fortuner 2.5 G D-4D Diesel (KUN60)

The Toyota Fortuner is sold in Malaysia in 2 variants – 2.7V and 2.5G.

The 2.7V carries a 4-cylinder, in-line 16-valve, DOHC, VVT-i petrol engine, with a maximum output of 118 kW (160 PS; 158 hp) at 5200 rpm and maximum torque of 241 N·m (178 lb·ft) at 3800 rpm. 2.7V is available only in 4-speed automatic transmission with ECT.

The 2.5G has a DOHC Turbo diesel engine with a maximum output of 75 kW (102 PS; 101 hp) at 3600 rpm and maximum torque of 260 N·m (190 lb·ft) at 1600-2400 rpm. 2.5G was initially available with a 5-speed manual transmission only, but for the 2009 model year facelift it has been replaced by a 4-speed automatic.

Only the 2.5 L common-rail diesel (2.5G) and the 2.7 L petrol (2.7V) engines are available.


File:Toyota fortuner 2007.jpg
Philippine Market Fortuner

The Fortuner was introduced in 2005 to supplant the RAV4 and the Land Cruiser. It is sold in 3 variants: 2.7G gasoline, 2.5G diesel, and 3.0V diesel.

The 2.7G model is equipped with the 2.7 L 2TR-FE engine with VVT-i technology, which produces 118 kW (160 PS; 158 hp) at 5200 rpm and 241 N·m (178 lb·ft) of torque at 3800 rpm. The 2.5G model, on the other hand, is equipped with the 2.5 L 2KD-FTV engine with common rail diesel (D-4D) technology, which produces 75 kW (102 PS; 101 hp) at 3600 rpm and 260 N·m (190 lb·ft) of torque at 1600-2400 rpm. The 3.0V, which is the top variant, is the only 4×4 model in the range (previous variants are both 4×2). It is equipped with the 1KD-FTV engine with D-4D technology, which produces 121 kW (165 PS; 162 hp) at 3400 rpm and 343 N·m (253 lb·ft) of torque at 1400-3200 rpm. The 2.5 L 4×2 diesel variant comes in both manual and automatic transmissions, while the rest comes in automatic transmission only. The facelifted Fortuner was introduced in November 2008, together with the facelifted Innova and Hilux.


The Fortuner was introduced in 2005 in Singapore. Some problems include parking because of its height of 1.85 m not fitting in some car parks. The Toyota Hilux (which shares the same platform) also had poor sales for the same reason but sold better than Fortuner.Template:Citation needed

Middle East

The Fortuner is available with two engines, the 118 kW (160 PS; 158 hp) rated 2.7 L or the 175 kW (238 PS; 235 hp) rated 4.0 L.


Toyota Jamaica launched the Fortuner in Jamaica in 2007


File:09-10 Toyota Fortuner.JPG
The facelifted Toyota Fortuner Turbo Diesel
2009 Toyota Fortuner 2.5 G TRD Sportivo

A minor redesign of the Toyota Fortuner was launched in August 2008 for the 2009 model year. It features new projector headlamps and grille, new rear lights, bluetooth connectivity, new light sand interior, electronic adjustable driver seat in 4×4 V trim, rear cool air conditioning from ceiling for second and third row. Electronic Brake Force Distribution, with Brake Assist replacing LSPV in some models only. It is also All Wheel Drive (AWD) for the first time. Its newly redesigned front grille and front lamps are in the style of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series. There are basically four models; 2.5G 4×2, 2.7G Luxury 4×2, 2.7V 4×4, and 3.0 G 4×4.

In July 2011, for the 2012 model year, the Fortuner received another facelift. It had a new radiator grill, projector style headlamps with wipers in some variants, high mounted brake lights, a new trunk lid, and slight changes in the interior. However the previous model is still on the market [7]

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