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File:Saab Sonett III Ford V4 engine.jpg
Ford Taunus V4 engine in Saab Sonett III.

Template:Lead too short Template:Unreferenced A V4 engine is a V form engine with four cylinders and three main bearings.

Automobile use

Lancia produced several narrow-angle V4 engines from the 1920s through 1960s for cars like the Lambda, Augusta, Artena, Aprilia, Ardea, Appia, and Fulvia.

Ford of Europe produced two totally different V4 engines with a balance shaft, one in the UK and one in Germany:

The Ukrainian manufacturer ZAZ also used an air-cooled V4 with a balance shaft, produced by MeMZ and used in Zaporozhets cars.

The 1962 Ford "Mustang I" rear-engine concept roadster was powered by a German-made 1,500 cc V4 engine.

Motorcycle use

File:Honda ST1100 engine closeup.jpg
Longitudinal V4 engine in a Honda ST1100 with its fairing removed

V4 engines are more recently found in motorcycles, typically transversely mounted. Models with V4 engines include:

Other uses

Another use of the V4 engine is in outboard motors. They are two-stroke cycle and generally carbureted. Some of the largest manufacturers are Johnson, Evinrude and Yamaha. This type of engine is popular because of its small size, while still producing 140 hp (104 kW), or more.

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